Sprint Nextel moves to retain subscribers

Sprint Nextel said it plans to combine many of the existing calling plans and features that the newly merged carrier offered when it still existed as two different companies. Until now, many of these features, such as unlimited in-networking calling or what time free evening calls start, were only available on either Sprint's or Nextel's networks. Sprint Nextel is trying to eliminate any worries for its existing subscribers. The carrier stopped short of combining Sprint and Nextel's separate service plans but will allow subscribers to take advantage of deals offered by the other service. Some Sprint subscribers will now be able to add features like free incoming calls to their plans, an option previously available only to Nextel subscribers. The move is designed to help the newly merged carrier fight churn and build its subscriber base. Despite the merger, Sprint Nextel is the third-largest carrier in the US, trailing Cingular Wireless and Verizon Wireless.

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