Sprint releases RAZR look-alike Sanyo Katana

Sprint released a new ultra-thin clamshell phone, the Sanyo Katana, that looks an awful lot like the Motorola RAZR. The Katana comes equipped with a built-in VGA camera that includes a self-timer and digital zoom. The handset will be available starting this month and will cost $80 after rebates with a two-year contract from Sprint. So what is Sprint's beef with the Motorola RAZR, the world's hottest-selling phone? Cingular Wireless, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile all sell the RAZR, but Sprint has been banking on the Samsung A900 to be a formidable competitor. In November, COO Len Lauer said the company wouldn't be selling the RAZR along with the A900. It has an exclusive deal to offer the A900 for at least one year.

To read more about the Sanyo Katana:
- see this article from mobileburn.com

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