Sprint resurrects cheap unlimited deal, this time for $25

Sprint announced its latest flash deal. (Sprint)

Sprint today announced another one of its “flash deals,” this time offering its unlimited service for $25 per month.

“For a limited time, customers who switch to Sprint and bring their own phone, or buy a new one outright, are eligible,” the carrier wrote. Sprint said that customers must bring their smartphone or buy a new one from Sprint, at full price, and must bring their number from another wireless carrier. The carrier said there is no annual contract, videos streams are throttled and customers must have AutoPay.

The offer is similar to a promotion Sprint ran in June. Sprint for a week offered $15-per-month unlimited data with the goal of winning a certain number of new customers, and described response  to the promotion as overwhelming and exciting.

Sprint's new CEO, Michel Combes, outlined the carrier's new promotional and digital sales strategy during the operator’s earnings conference call with investors. “We strongly believe in the digital platform to boost sales going forward,” Combes said earlier this month.

Combes explained that Sprint’s weeklong offer of unlimited services for $15 per month was essentially a test of Sprint’s digital-only sales channel.

"The goal for us was really to test our digital capabilities,” Combes said. "It was in the market only one week, and it was only to test digital capabilities. So, it was clearly not a material driver of results for the quarter. That was not the intent. That was not the aim."

He added: "The digital channel is a great channel to address price-conscious customers as they want convenience in order to accept our service offerings. … So, this delivered us good insight moving forward for how to leverage this digital channel. That was the aim, and that's what we've done."

Combes said Sprint’s digital-only sales channel is one prong of the company’s efforts to continue to cut costs.

Sprint's “flash deal” of unlimited service for $25 a month comes amid a variety of pricing changes from the carrier’s rivals in the unlimited space. For example, T-Mobile recently introduced a cheaper tier of its unlimited service, while both AT&T and Verizon also offered new unlimited pricing tiers.