Sprint's WiMAX service to be branded: Xohm?

If you believe the blogs today, then for Sprint, there's no WiMAX, there's only Xohm. Engadget heard from an anonymous source that Sprint will announce the branding for its WiMAX service tomorrow at its analyst summit, and a sneak peek at the posters show that the brand for the service could be the cryptic "Xohm." If the mark of an ideal, new brand these days is that it does not yet have its own Wikipedia page, then Xohm fits the bill. However, at first blush, the word is difficult to pronounce, not to mention nonsensical. It must be "ZOME," right?

Sprint plans to roll out its WiMAX service in select cities by the end of 2007, so an announcement in mid-August regarding the branding of that service is fitting. Sprint spokesman John Polivka neither affirmed nor denied the Xohm brand as Sprint's WiMAX service, but reiterated that the company would provide a market update tomorrow as planned. Stay tuned.

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