Sprint unleashes EV-DO Rev. A PC card

Sprint announced today the Novatel Wireless S720 Mobile Broadband Card is now available for use with their Power Vision network. The company claims the card is the first on the market to boast compatibility with the EV-DO Revision A mobile broadband specification and is designed for use with compatible laptops as well as upcoming wireless routers. However, Sierra Wireless also released a PC card today which also reportedly supports Rev. A. 

While the Novatel S720 is fully compatible with Sprint's existing mobile broadband network, mobile users won't enjoy the card's full capabilities until Sprint completes their network-wide upgrade to the EV-DO Rev. A spec; The technology's alleged "DSL-like" speeds should be available to over 40 million users by year end. "With the introduction of the nation's first EV-DO Revision A-capable device today we are ensuring that customers are able to take advantage of the nation's most advanced mobile broadband network to do what they want, when they want and where they want," said Danny Bowman, vice president of product marketing for Sprint. 

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