Sprint unveils HTC Android-based WiMAX smartphone, the Evo

LAS VEGAS--As expected, Sprint Nextel took the wraps off its first WiMAX smartphone, the HTC-built "Evo 4G." Though the carrier did not release pricing details, it said the phone would go on sale sometime in the summer.

htc wimax smartphone evo 4g sprint nextelThe gadget sports perhaps the most complete set of cutting-edge features on the market today. Included in the offering is an 8-megapixel camera on the back, a 1.3-megapixel camera on the front, HD video capture, Android 2.1, HTC's Sense UI, Qualcomm's 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, support for Adobe's Flash technology in the browser, hotspot capability (whereby it can broadcast a WiFi signal for up to eight devices), an FM radio, a massive 4.3-inch touchscreen display... and the list goes on.

Sprint executives appeared almost giddy about the phone's specs, and used the device's unveiling to take pot shots at Sprint's competitors. Sprint's Kevin Packingham noted that the WiMAX-powered Evo beats the "subpar network" of the Verizon Wireless Motorola Droid. Packingham also pointed to the gadget's hotspot capability, noting that, "We finally found something the Droid doesn't."

Such boasting has become somewhat commonplace in an increasingly cutthroat wireless industry.

The Wall Street Journal last week reported that Sprint would unveil an HTC-built WiMAX smartphone at this week's CTIA Wireless 2010 trade show.

dan hesse sprint evo 4g wimax htc androidAlthough Sprint promised to sell the device this summer, it did not disclose pricing details for the phone, the WiMAX service or the device's hotspot functionality. The device is noteworthy as it represents Sprint's further efforts to cash in on its mobile WiMAX investment. Clearwire, Sprint's WiMAX partner, plans to roll out the network technology to 80 markets covering 120 million POPs this year.

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