Sprint, Verizon bicker over new network ads featuring Ricky Gervais

Verizon is touting its network in a new series of TV ads featuring comedian Ricky Gervais -- and Sprint is fighting back.

In Verizon's latest ad, Gervais points to a yellow wireless coverage map of the U.S. that claims faster and more reliable coverage. The map likely is a stand-in for Sprint, which uses yellow in its branding.

Gervais notes the map "stretches the truth a little bit" and points to the small print at the bottom that states "map is not a depiction of coverage."

"Then what's the point?" Gervais wonders.

In response to the ad, Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure tweeted "Thanks @Verizon and @rickygervais for advertising that @sprint is faster and more reliable. We agree with you."

In his own tweet, Gervais replied "@marceloclaure @verizon @sprint Don't shoot the messenger :)"

"For years Verizon has been the gold standard in network performance, with a lead that was far superior over other networks," a Sprint spokesperson wrote to FierceWireless, pointing to the ads and the Twitter exchange. "That's no longer the case. Sprint's network is vastly improved and the gap between all four carriers is shrinking fast. We think Verizon is clearly feeling the heat, and their actions are acknowledgement that the Sprint network is now a serious competitor."