Storm clouds gathering around Verizon

The market is abuzz with the notion the BlackBerry Storm-the device formerly known as Thunder-will saturate Verizon Wireless' stores sometime very soon.

Verizon emailed a message hinting that the Storm was on its radar screen and delivering some talking points about the new device. While not necessarily announcing the launch, this seems to presage an official acknowledgement that Verizon Wireless will be the first North American carrier to market the touchscreen-equipped device from Research in Motion.

The Storm's attractions go beyond being a feature-loaded Apple killer--although there are few who will debate that's its primary reason to exist. It also importantly fills a gap that's been more painful than a tooth cavity for international travelers by incorporating quad-band GSM/EDGE technology to deliver world-wide roaming capabilities. Of course for non-international travelers--and there's a few out there--the Storm will feature all the latest must-haves such as a 3.2 megapixel camera, a full HTML browser and visual voicemail.

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- Verizon's launch of Blackberry Storm delayed until November. Article