Student creates battery-saving phone technology; Fitch: Ericsson in solid position

> A Ph.D. student at Canada's Carleton University has created a module that allows circuits to connect wirelessly to the antennae of devices like BlackBerry devices and Apple's iPhone, adding up to twelve times as much battery life. Article

> Fitch Ratings affirmed its debt ratings for Ericsson, saying that while the company's profit margins would be under pressure in 2009, it was better positioned than many of its rivals to weather the economic storm. Article

> Pandora, the personalized radio service, is now being offered for free on 20 different Sprint Nextel models. Article

> Wireless penetration in Russia grew to over 125 percent, and with almost 180 million subscribers, is now the fourth biggest market in the world and is 87 million subscribers behind the United States. Article

And finally...A 74-year-old Florida man who was struck in the back of the head by a stray bullet is back at work--with the bullet still in his skull. He says it does not hurt enough to keep him away from is job as a commercial real estate seller. Article 

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