Study: 30% of mobile workers on first smartphone

According to an iGR survey of U.S. mobile workers, more than half of those surveyed use a RIM BlackBerry device, while the majority of the other half used Windows Mobile devices. About 30 percent of the respondents said they were using their first smartphone device ever. About 60 percent of the respondents use less than 2,000 voice minutes per month, while only two percent said they do not use email on their smartphones. About 50 percent said they regularly view attachments from their smartphone's email application. Eighty-four percent of the respondents send/receive SMS, but 61 percent said that they do use an Instant Messaging application.

"As compared to the results of similar surveys fielded in previous years, we have seen a significant uptake in the use of smartphones," says Matthew Vartabedian, Research Manager at iGR. "What is interesting, is the relatively new adoption--a sizeable percentage are using their first smartphone--as well as the consistency of the applications used: voice, email, some texting and productivity applications."

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