Study: 36% of U.S. subscribers might ditch their carrier in the next 12 months

A new research study from WDS, A Xerox Company, found that 36 percent of U.S. wireless customers are considering leaving their mobile carrier in the next year. The study, called the WDS Mobile Loyalty Audit 2013, integrates new survey data from research specialist TNS and includes "stress-tests" to show the how real-world events could impact a customer's likelihood to churn. For example, the survey asked customers what they would do if their current carrier increased prices by 10 percent, and found that 69 percent of customers who were previously unlikely to switch would consider leaving; 15 percent of them would switch immediately without further consideration. The study also found that if prices were increased 10 percent, 70 percent of highly satisfied customers would also consider switching, while 17 percent of highly satisfied customers would leave without further consideration. Overall, the study suggests that the number of customers at risk of churning could be underestimated by wireless carriers. The firm wasn't immediately available to provide details on the methodology for the survey. Release