Study: PDA market undertapped

According to a recent report from Strategy Analytics, mobile operators and OEMs should revamp their device setup, email synchronization and content creation in order to tap the potential of the PDA market. The study said PDA users should be targeted for mobile wireless solutions sales because many of them remain unconnected beyond text messaging. It noted the absence of a dominant standard to transition PDA users into converged device solutions customers. The study said that the operators and OEMs need to focus on the setup of the devices and their ability to connect to networks because PDA users spend more on mobility and get more frustrated when they are not able connect to networks than non-PDA users. The study also found that PDA users spend 53 percent more on mobile services than non-PDA users, are better educated and more likely to buy premium products, and require more frequent access to email, CRM and other network-based applications.

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