Summary of rights and choices for former T-Mobile customers in its ETF settlement

You May:   Due Date:
File a Claim Submit a Claim Form
You remain in the Settlement and are eligible for money or non-cash compensation if approved. You will be bound by the terms of the Settlement and give up your right to sue regarding issues in this case.
August 23, 2009 (This date may be extended)
Ask to be excluded Get out of the Settlement
You will receive no benefit from the Settlement. You keep your right to sue T-Mobile separately regarding claims in this lawsuit at your own expense.
June 3, 2009
Submit an objection Object to the Settlement
You remain in the Settlement. If you do not exclude yourself, you may appear and speak at the Fairness Hearing on your own or through your own lawyer to object or comment on the Settlement.
June 3, 2009
Do nothing You remain in the Settlement. You get no money or non-cash compensation and give up your right to sue T-Mobile regarding issues in this case. N/A


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