Symbian Foundation expands; Toshiba offers more TG01 details

> The Symbian Foundation added 14 new members, including HP, MySpace and Qualcomm, bringing its total membership to 78. Article

> Toshiba has offered more details about the TG01, the first smartphone running on Qualcomm's Snapdragon chipset, saying it will be available in Europe in the summer. Article, Picture

> Verizon Business President John Killian will be promoted to CFO of Verizon Communications, replacing the retiring CFO Doreen Toben. Article

> Qualcomm unveiled a new chipset that will reportedly make smartphones available at lower prices across multiple platforms by providing more processing power. Article

> The Helio Ocean 2 is now on sale from Virgin Mobile USA for new subscribers. Article

> Samsung released a new solar-powered phone made from recycled plastic of water bottles. Article, Picture

And finally... A Florida man who robbed a gas station who did not fill up during the robbery was apprehended shortly after the robbery after he ran out of gas. Article