Symbian's prosumer-friendly OS v9.5

Symbian launched an updated version of its mobile OS today, called Symbian OS v9.5, which continues to build on the company's "prosumer" platform. Symbian OS v9.5, which is backward compatible with the v9 versions of the OS, boasts richer mobile entertainment support and features advanced services for the enterprise, reductions in memory requirements as well as processor and battery requirements.

Consumer: v9.5 builds out the cameraphone's functionality to a point where it rivals standalone digital cameras. The new version of the OS enables 35 camera features, including tilt sensor, preset image enhancements, digital/optical zoom, auto focus spots, panorama stitch and image distortion correction like red-eye reduction. v9.5 also supports both DVB-H and ISDB-T for mobile TV as well as standardized LBS.

Enterprise: Symbian OS v9.5 also enables WiFi-3G roaming, HSPA compatibility and more languages. The OS also ensures real-time networking so that VoIP calls are not interrupted when web browsing or push email makes a connection. Also, the introduction of Brahmic script to the OS extends its language support to cover 99 percent of the world's countries.

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