T-Mobile allies with CCA in debate over price target for triggering 'reserved' spectrum in 600 MHz auction

T-Mobile US (NYSE:TMUS) is siding with the Competitive Carriers Association in coming out against setting a specific price per MHz-POP that must be hit in order to trigger bidding for "reserved" spectrum in the upcoming 600 MHz incentive auction. The CCA has been pushing that line of argument with the FCC for months now, arguing that such a reserve price is unnecessary and could hurt smaller carriers.

In a filing describing a meeting last week with FCC officials, T-Mobile noted that its representative "discussed the second MHz-POP reserve price and reiterated T-Mobile's position that incorporating this MHz-POP price floor poses risks to the auction. In particular, a high price per MHz-POP creates the risk of anti-competitive foreclosure, reduced spectrum clearing for wireless broadband, and lower auction revenues." Filing