T-Mobile: Android Market needs more filters

Google's Android Market for mobile applications needs to have more filters so that customers can have a selection that is more tailored to their interests, according to a T-Mobile USA executive.

T-Mobile CTO Cole Brodman said the average user of a T-Mobile G1, the first and (only, for now) phone in North America running on Google's Android platform, has downloaded about 40 applications onto their phone. However, Brodman said during an on-stage interview at the Dow Jones Wireless Innovations conference, that there needs to be a more filtered and customized search for consumers.

There are currently more than 2,300 applications in the Market, but users often need to search through applications they have no interest in downloading. "Users have a hard time searching through that long tail," Brodman said.

Brodman also said that the peak download speed on T-Mobile's 3G UMTS network of 1 Mbps could triple within the next year, but that speed might be aimed toward larger client devices and not necessarily handsets.

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