T-Mobile brings back promotional $120/month plan for 4 lines, each with 10 GB of data

T-Mobile US (NYSE:TMUS) is bringing back a popular promotion it launched this past summer that gives customers unlimited voice, texting and 10 GB of data per line for a total cost of $120 per month for four lines.

Under the promotion, which the carrier has dubbed "#10Gigs4All," two people can get up to 10 GB of LTE data each for $100 per month. Then, each additional line is just $20 more per person, also with 10 GB of LTE data. Under the promotion, the fourth line is free, bringing the total cost to just $120 per month for a family of four.  

A T-Mobile spokeswoman said the new promotion does not have an end date, but the old one "was our most popular promotion of all time based on the percentage of postpaid customers signing up."

Not included in T-Mobile's plan costs is monthly device costs for equipment installment plans or leasing, which can sometimes range as high as $30 or more per month per device if customers have a high-end smartphone.

T-Mobile first unveiled the promotion in mid-July. At the time, T-Mobile said customers could add a fourth line for free when they signed up or switched to the new plan through Labor Day, which was Sept. 7. 

The plan evidently was successful for T-Mobile, whose CEO, John Legere, said in mid-September that T-Mobile had already exceeded the total net customer additions it reported for the second quarter, when it had 2.1 million. Legere said that with 12 days still left in the third quarter, T-Mobile had already matched the number of branded postpaid net customer additions and branded postpaid phone net customer adds it had in the second quarter, which were 1 million and 760,000, respectively.

Sprint's (NYSE: S) Family Share Pack plan gives customers 40 GB of data to share between four lines for $120 per month, though like T-Mobile that also does not include monthly device costs through EIP or leasing.

AT&T Mobility's (NYSE: T) Mobile Share Value plans offer 40 GB for $300 per month, plus $15 per month per smartphone, for a total cost of $360.  U.S. Cellular's 40 GB Shared Connect shared plan works out to be the same amount of money as AT&T's. Verizon Wireless' (NYSE: VZ) 40 GB shared plan is $300 per month plus $20 per smartphone for a total cost of $380 per month for four lines.

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