T-Mobile cuts prices, adds data to GoSmart Mobile prepaid plans

T-Mobile US (NYSE:TMUS) updated its GoSmart Mobile prepaid brand to increase the data speeds of its mid-level plan and to cut the price of its high-end plan. Brightspot, an MVNO sold by Target that runs on T-Mobile's network, also updated its pricing.

The GoSmart brand now offers three separate plans:

  • $25 per month: Unlimited voice and texting
  • $35 per month: Unlimited voice, texting and up to 500 MB at 3G speeds before throttling down to 2G speeds. Previously, the $35 plan limited users to 2G speeds. Under the new plan, the first 500 MB of data users have will be at 3G speeds.
  • $40 per month: Unlimited voice, texting and up to 3 GB at 3G speeds before throttling. The plan cost $45 previously.

"3G speeds on GoSmart Mobile are up to eight times faster than 2G. If a customer has  a 4G-capable device, they can connect to our organic 4G network," a T-Mobile spokesperson said in response to FierceWireless questions about what 3G speeds mean.

GoSmart is one of a handful of prepaid brands T-Mobile offers or powers, in addition to its MetroPCS brand. T-Mobile also provides service for the Target Brightspot brand as well as Walmart's Family Mobile service.

"As the Un-carrier, we are always listening to evolving customer feedback," the T-Mobile spokesman told FierceWireless. "These recent changes reflect our commitment to ensuring every GoSmart subscriber has a plan that fit their specific needs. One of the things we also heard from customers was that they wanted data at higher data speeds at GoSmart's affordable prices. So, we have improved our existing offerings and added a new rate plan for those wanting more data."

Target's Brightspot offering, which has been in the market since last October, also got an update, with the company cutting prices. The offering now includes:

  • A new $30 per month plan for unlimited voice and messaging, down from $35 previously.
  • A data-focused $35 monthly plan with 300 voice minutes, unlimited messaging and 3 GB of data at HSPA+ or LTE speeds before throttling.
  • A $45 plan with unlimited voice, messaging and 1 GB at HSPA+ or LTE speeds before throttling. The plan previously cost $50.
  • And a $55 plan with unlimited voice, messaging and 3 GB at HSPA+ or LTE speeds before throttling. Previously, Brightspot's high-end $65 plan offered users unlimited voice, texting and 4 GB of LTE data before throttling

A T-Mobile spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the Brightspot changes.

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