T-Mobile debuts REVVL, its very own branded smartphone

T-Mobile is offering the gadget for $0 down and $5 per month with its JUMP! On Demand leasing option. (T-Mobile USA)

T-Mobile USA has released its first branded smartphone, the REVVL, which the company said it created to be tailored to its base.

With the guideline of “bigger screens, better cameras, faster processors, more memory,” the REVVL has a 5.5-inch HD screen, a 13-megapixel camera, 2 GB of RAM and a fingerprint sensor.

“T-Mobile customers are different,” explained Mike Sievert, T-Mobile USA COO, in a blog post. “They use 42% more data than carrier customers on average—and a whopping 58% more data than Verizon customers! They upgrade their phones 16% faster than the average wireless customer. And they’re more active on social media, using nearly three times more data than carrier customers on social, which means they’re streaming more videos, uploading more pictures and sharing more clever status updates.”

T-Mobile is offering the gadget for $0 down and $5 per month with its JUMP! On Demand leasing option, which lets users essentially rent a device for 18 months with no money down after a credit check—and they can upgrade devices as often as once a month.

“Not everyone walks into a T-Mobile store and wants the latest flagship [from Apple or Samsung],” said Sievert, referencing the rumored $1,000-plus pricing on the upcoming iPhone. “In a world where new phone prices go up year after year, many of our customers are looking for ways to keep up with the Joneses—in terms of features—without needing to keep up with the Kardashians—in terms of how much they spend.”

T-Mobile also debuted smart pick recommendations, which showcases affordable smartphones with high-end features and specs and will be available via JUMP! On Demand.

“For just $7 or $8 a month, you get a brand-new Smartpicks device on an 18-month lease, with all the bells and whistles you need to stay ahead of the tech curve,” Sievert said. “You can upgrade whenever you want with JUMP! On Demand (learn more here). And, if you keep your phone for 18 months, you can either return it and snag a new one, or pay it off and continue to rock that current device—it’s your call.”