T-Mobile delivers 700 MHz LTE to NYC and elsewhere; Netflix to reduce data streams

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> Apple reportedly opened a secret production facility in Taiwan to develop new display technologies. Bloomberg article

> T-Mobile said it switched on its 700 MHz LTE service, dubbed Extended Range, in New York City and other locations. Release

> Samsung is offering a free year of Netflix with its Galaxy Tab 22. TechTimes article

> Netflix is encoding its movies with a standard the company hopes will reduce users' data traffic. Article

Mobile Developer News

> Futureplay Games, Tapjoy and AppLovin are exploring using mobile video ads to transcend in-app purchase problems. Feature

> What does the end of Facebook's Creative Labs mean for its app ecosystem? Editor's Corner

Telecom News

> A group of six Republican senators have appealed to the FCC asking the agency to stop promoting government-owned broadband networks at the expense of private providers and to allow states to regulate these networks.  Article

> A new study from the Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA), an industry advocacy group, found that after factoring in the cost of a mobile data plan and a home broadband connection, the average American household saves $11,944 per year on spending because of their access to the Internet. Article

Cable News

> Speaking at last week's Business Insider conference in New York, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts gave some insight was to why he believes cable companies rank at or near the bottom of consumer satisfaction surveys. Article

> In an ongoing battle of ex parte filings with the FCC, the National Cable Telecommunications Association (NCTA) has taken aim at a Dec. 3 proposal submitted by Public Knowledge for a cloud-based version of AllVid. Article

And finally… A judge ruled Chicago police can't claim overtime when they're checking their smartphones. Article