T-Mobile ends promotion that offered 4 lines with 6 GB each for $120, price rises to $140/month

T-Mobile US (NYSE:TMUS) confirmed to FierceWireless that is has discontinued its promotion that offered four lines of service with 6 GB of data on each line for $120 per month. The carrier launched the promotion late last year and ended it this week.

"The 4 lines with 6 GB each for $30 each (4th line free) promotion was very successful in introducing customers to America's fastest 4G LTE network," T-Mobile spokesperson Rachel Cooper told FierceWireless, noting that the promotion lasted 69 days and ended Monday. "In fact, it now ranks as one of our most popular promotions to date. For families still looking to switch to T-Mobile, they can now get 4 lines with 6 GB for $35 each as part of the Family Match program, which includes all of our Un-carrier benefits."

With T-Mobile's four lines for $120 per month promotion now over, T-Mobile is now charging roughly $20 more per month for a fourth line of service. As first noted by Wave7 Research, pricing for T-Mobile's lines 1-3 is unchanged, but the monthly cost for a family of four has grown from $120 to $140 for 6 GB, from $150 to $180 for 10 GB, and from $180 to $220 for unlimited.

Interestingly, T-Mobile's four lines for $120 per month promotion was itself an increase over the promotion the carrier ran in October. That was when the carrier relaunched its #10Gigs4All promotion, which supplied a family for four with 40 GB per month -- that's 10 GB per line -- along with unlimited data, talk and text for $30 per line, or $120 total per month.

Not included in T-Mobile's cost is the monthly device costs for equipment installment plans or leasing, which can sometimes range as high as $30 or more per month per device if customers have a high-end smartphone.

T-Mobile's pricing for 6 GB for four lines of service remains cheaper than what AT&T and Verizon are charging, but is more expensive that what Sprint is charging. Sprint offers 4 lines with 6 GB for $70 per month through its half-off promotion.

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