T-Mobile gets more government requests for customer data than rivals

T-Mobile US (NYSE:TMUS) said it saw an increased number of requests for customer data from government agencies in 2014, and more requests than any of its wireless rivals. In its first-ever annual transparency report, the carrier said that in 2014 it received 351,940 requests for customer information and sometimes T-Mobile information (for example, information about its network). This number represented around a 10.8 percent increase compared to 2013. Approximately 3.6 percent of the requests were from third parties in connection with civil matters (insurance claims, divorce and personal injury cases, for example) while the remainder was from federal, state or local law enforcement authorities. 

T-Mobile said it received 177,549 criminal and civil subpoenas, 17,316 warrants and more than 3,000 wiretap orders. 

As CNET notes, despite T-Mobile's smaller customer base, it received more requests for data than its larger rivals. In 2014 Sprint (NYSE: S) saw 308,937 requests, while Verizon Wireless (NYSE: VZ) received 287,559 and AT&T Mobility (NYSE: T) saw 263,755 requests. Article

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