April Fools! T-Mobile installs phone-charging purple booths on city streets

These booths are so loaded with amenities, customers may want to just hang out in them. (T-Mobile)

*Ed Note: Ok, I'm new to the wireless world and got duped by T-Mobile and its April Fool's joke. Somebody needs to tell T-Mobile that April Fool's is on April 1. Very funny T-Mobile. 

T-Mobile today said it’s installing a 2019 purple version of the on-street phone booth in New York City, Washington, D.C., and its hometown of Seattle. The company is starting with just a few booths but said there are “many more to come.” T-Mobile calls these on-street vestibules Phone BoothE and said they are necessary because background noise often makes it difficult to hear phone conversations. They’re also useful for private, potentially awkward, conversations.

With an escape from noise and crowds and access to a quiet, temperature-controlled space with a phone charger, T-Mobile may have found a way into the hearts of millions.

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Noise pollution is a problem in dense city environments with an average background noise level of 60 decibels, according to T-Mobile. Phone BoothE is a soundproof cube that allows T-Mobile customers to take and make calls or browse their smartphone in peace and privacy.

Every Phone BoothE comes with power for smartphone charging along with a compatible cord. And the booth features a large vertical screen that connects to the customer’s T-Mobile smartphone to use with video calls or just to enjoy a big screen for better internet browsing. The large screen can also be set as a background for customers to take selfies.

The booth offers a quiet, temperature-controlled space complete with walls and windows. If they could fit a couch in the booth, people may never leave.


Phone BoothE is reserved just for T-Mobile customers, who can unlock the booths with a smartphone app. They can download the T-Mobile Phone BoothE App from the App Store or Google Play (coming soon). They can also use the app to find and reserve a BoothE nearest them.

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