T-Mobile launches new site, 'The Underground,' for smartphone enthusiasts

T-Mobile US (NYSE:TMUS) unveiled a new website dedicated to customers who want special variants and editions of smartphones, called "The Underground," and plans to offer two to three phones at a time through the site.

The site, which went live on Thursday, boasts it will let customers shop for "exclusive and performance-centric devices reserved for the true enthusiast--plus get news and reviews from the tech literati."

A T-Mobile spokesman told FierceWireless that the site is "a new high-fidelity section on T-Mobile.com developed to showcase special and limited-edition products offerings from T-Mobile--from handsets to tablets and accessories featuring special colors, memory variants and alternative software versions."

Samsung Electronics' Galaxy S5 in a gold-colored edition is the first device the site is featuring. The carrier spokesman said The Underground will "highlight an alternating product lineup" for T-Mobile's network, and customers should expected to see two to three devices "showcased" at a given time on the site. He declined to say when more devices are coming to the site, what they would be or how often T-Mobile will add new devices to the site.

While the site will likely only generate limited sales given the small number of phones on offer and the minor differences in the variants, it could have a high appeal to technology enthusiasts and those who want customized phones. It also fits with T-Mobile's "uncarrier" brand image of setting itself apart from the other national carriers.

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