T-Mobile launches Web'n'Walk mobile Internet

Following O2's release of its i-mode mobile Internet offering, T-Mobile launched its Web'n'Walk mobile Internet service. The offering boasts regular viewing of Web sites, not downsized mobile handset versions of them. Web'n'Walk is an open access service, as opposed to the walled garden approach employed by the i-mode and recently ditched by 3. T-Mobile also plans to offer high-speed broadband (HSPDA) to Web'n'Walk subscribers starting early next year. The service is also available for business customers under the "Office in your pocket" handle.

Subscribers can access 2G, 3G, and WiFi services using the Web'n'Walk. The service's 40MB of data downloads has three monthly pricing plans: 100, 200 and 400 minutes for £30, £38 and £55, respectively. Additional data downloads run an extra £1 per megabit.

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