T-Mobile launching new phones; Motorola's Jha likes Verizon-Google deal

> T-Mobile USA announced two new phones, the Nokia 3711 flip phone and the touchscreen T-Mobile Tap, both slated for release later this year. Release

> Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha said that Verizon Wireless' partnership with Google on Android would benefit the Android ecosystem and Motorola. Article

> Mobile phone supplier Personal Communications Devices formed a new business unit focused on wireless devices beyond handsets. Article

nokia phone testing lab> At the Nokia test facility in San Diego, thousands of prototype phones are tested for potential weaknesses and flaws. This test facility, one of five Nokia test facilities worldwide, analyzes and shares any flaws that are found with the other facilities through a global database. Check out this slideshow tour.

> Bytemobile and MetroPCS reached a multi-year, multi-product supply agreement for data optimization and content adaptation solutions. Release

> Sprint Nextel agreed to settle various shareholder lawsuits related to its proposed $483 million acquisition of Virgin Mobile USA. In a filing, Sprint revealed that Virgin Mobile expects the deal to create $100 million in savings over two years. Article 

> Slate's Farhad Manjoo argues that AT&T Mobility should introduce tiered pricing for Apple's iPhone. Commentary

> Back catalog content is increasingly front and center for subscription-based mobile music services. Article

> Fall Out Boy lyricist/bassist Pete Wentz offered his perspective on digital music, viral marketing and social media during a far-ranging keynote at Tuesday's Mobile Entertainment Live! event. Article

> Research In Motion said it is looking to the Web to create a more standardized and cohesive mobile software development ecosystem. Article

> Four of the top 10 Web domains accessed via U.S. mobile devices are now social networking sites, according to Openwave Systems' latest 2009 Mobile Insights report. Article

> Music executives suggest mobile applications may help stop the bleeding, but warn the user experience must first improve. Article

And finally... A driving lesson turned into a car wreck in Maryland after a minivan driver crashed the vehicle through an apartment wall and onto a bed. Article