T-Mobile releases cheap Android phones; Apple reportedly plans iPhone with 4-inch screen

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> Cellular South introduced a $60 unlimited plan. Article

> AT&T's CTO said the carrier will offer Voice over LTE services in 2013. Article

> Hewlett-Packard said webOS on PCs will be an "integrated experience." Article

> Apple is reportedly considering an iPhone with a sliding keyboard (Article) and one with a 4-inch screen. Article

> T-Mobile announced it will sell two inexpensive Android phones, the T-Mobile Move and the Samsung Galaxy Mini. Article

> Auctions of spectrum given up by TV broadcasters could raise up to $33 billion. Article

> CenturyLink announced it will become an authorized agent of Verizon Wireless. Release

> Verizon Wireless launched LTE service in Detroit. Article

> LG said it is targeting a 30 percent increase in handset sales this year, to 150 million units. Article

> HTC and Qualcomm announced a teaming for multi-core chips. Article

> Huawei and Northeast Wireless Networks announced they will roll out a wireless network in rural regions of the United States. Article

> An Intel executive resigned from Clearwire's board. Article

> Intel is "disappointed" with Nokia's move toward Windows Phone, but will push ahead with MeeGo. Article

Mobile Content News

> Apple formally unveiled its App Store subscriptions service. Article

> Mobile apps firm GetJar raised $25 million in funding. Article

> T-Mobile USA will launch an NFC mobile payments service in 2012. Article

> Research In Motion is making a lead financial commitment to BlackBerry Partners Fund II. Article

> Qualcomm will incorporate Opera Software's popular Opera Mini browser into handsets running its Brew MP platform. Article

> With Twitter's mobile user segment continuing to multiply, CEO Dick Costolo said it's imperative that the user experience becomes consistent across all operating systems. Article

Mobile Developer News

> Google issued Android 2.3.3, described as "a small feature release" by Android SDK tech lead Xavier Ducrohet on the Android Developers Blog. Article

> What does the Nokia-Microsoft alliance mean for developers? Commentary

> Developer Workshop looked at Avatron Software. Article

And finally... Clearwire's logo beat Sony Ericsson's logo. Article