T-Mobile's $50 unlimited voice plan goes nationwide

T-Mobile USA has begun offering its $50 unlimited voice plan to loyal customers nationwide, less than two weeks after it began trialing the program in San Francisco.

A screenshot from the My T-Mobile website confirms the details of the plan, which offers unlimited calling for $50 per month plus taxes. Additionally, customers can add up four lines to the plan for $40 per month per line, plus taxes. There are some add-on features to the plan such as unlimited data for $25 per month, unlimited BlackBerry data for $35 per month and unlimited messaging for $10 per month that can be added to each line if customers choose to do so.

One important caveat to all of this: customers that want to sign up for the $50 per month unlimited calling plan and all of its add-on features must have been T-Mobile customers for at least 22 months.

A T-Mobile spokeswoman did not confirm the details of the plan or of its rollout, but said the carrier was "offering select customers pricing plans that reward their loyalty to T-Mobile. We are not providing further comment at this time."

The pricing arrangement comes at a crossroads in mobile pricing plans, especially for T-Mobile and Sprint Nextel as they compete for subscribers. In February, Matt Carter, the head of Boost Mobile, Sprint's prepaid unit, said that its $50 per month unlimited voice and data plan, which was introduced in January, was peeling away subscribers from T-Mobile.   

In the wake of the Boost move, analysts worried that the unlimited plan would spark a price war with Tier 1 operators. Additionally, in early February Sprint launched a plan aimed at giving perks to its longtime customers.  

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