T-Mobile's latest ad hypes coverage while carrier kicks off refarming campaign

T-Mobile USA is working to both promote the breadth and depth of its current network while it concurrently is encouraging subscribers to move from its 2G network to its 3G network in certain locations.

Click here for T-Mobile's latest TV commercial.

T-Mobile's latest TV commercial highlights the number of towers T-Mobile operates across the country (35,000). The ad is likely a response to similar marketing campaigns from AT&T Mobility  (NYSE:T)  and Verizon Wireless  (NYSE:VZ) highlighting their respective wireless coverage areas.

Meantime, T-Mobile is also working to free space on its 2G GSM network by offering upgrades to customers that purchase new 3G HSPA devices. TmoNews reported that the carrier is offering an upgrade program to select customers in Los Angeles, Boston, New York City, Washington, D.C., and Miami.

A T-Mobile spokeswoman confirmed the news: "T-Mobile recently launched a pilot program in Los Angeles, Boston, New York City, DC, and Miami to encourage 2G customers to step up to 4G devices. These cities were selected because they're large, geographically diverse and representative of T-Mobile's customer base."

T-Mobile is in the midst of a $4 billion network upgrade program that will allow it to deploy LTE on its 1700 MHz spectrum while retooling its 1900 PCS spectrum for 2G GSM and HSPA+ services. By deploying HSPA+ in the 1900 MHz, T-Mobile is making its network compatible for more devices, including the iPhone.

T-Mobile also is working desperately to stem subscriber defections. As part of its effort to entice new customers and placate existing ones, T-Mobile also announced the new T-Mobile myTouch and myTouch Q. Both devices feature Android 4.0 and a 4-inch screen; the myTouch Q features a Qwerty keyboard. The devices are "ideal for customers who are looking for a straightforward, seamless smartphone experience," according to the carrier.

Separately, T-Mobile also announced a buy-one, get-one-free promotion around the Samsung Galaxy 4G.

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