T-Mobile to sell Galaxy Note for $250; ZTE Flash to bring 12-MP camera to Sprint

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> Maryland senators are worried about Verizon's cable deals. Article

> Verizon Wireless will sell the Pantech Marauder LTE Android smartphone for $49.99 with a contract. Release

> The ZTE Flash Android phone for Sprint Nextel reportedly will feature a 12-megapixel camera. Article

> T-Mobile USA will sell the Samsung Galaxy Note for $250. Article

> T-Mobile will reportedly test an Isis mobile payment system in August. Article

> Nokia Siemens Networks scored a network modernization deal in Australia. Article

> Samsung's Galaxy Nexus will remain on sale in the United States, at least for the next few weeks. Article

Mobile Content News

> Spotify will offer streaming radio on Android. Article

> Daily downloads from Apple's App Store increased 1.98 percent in June 2012, according to mobile user acquisition platform Fiksu. Article

> Facebook has added a new "save for later" feature to its mobile social networking applications for Apple's iPhone and iPad, enabling users to save friends' posts and updates for future reading. Article

Mobile Developer News

> Developers should bet on Windows Phone 8. Editor's Corner

> Apple's App Store downloads are slowing. Article

And finally… Man's backside burned by exploding phone. Article

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