T-Mobile USA hopeful about recovering users' Sidekick data

In the wake of data storage and connectivity problems, T-Mobile USA said it may be possible to recover some users' missing Sidekick data. The carrier, in the midst of a public relations mess following data outages for Sidekick users, also said that customers who have experienced a "significant and permanent" loss of data would get a $100 credit. T-Mobile said it has restored data services to Sidekick users.

t-mobile sidekickT-Mobile said that recent efforts to restore data show that recovery "may be possible," according to an update statement on the issue. The carrier said it would keep users updated on the recovery efforts. There are nearly one million Sidekick users, and T-Mobile said that a "minority" of them have lost data. The carrier did not say exactly how many Sidekick users permanently lost their personal data, which included calendar and contact information. The carrier also confirmed that Sidekick sales are currently on hold.

Over the weekend, T-Mobile had said that data not stored locally on users' Sidekick devices was "almost certainly lost" due to a server failure at Microsoft, which owns Danger, the maker of the Sidekick. Microsoft said the software that failed came from Danger.

The $100 credit can be used for T-Mobile products or services or toward a customer's bill, and is in addition to the free month of data services T-Mobile is crediting to users who have Sidekick data plans. T-Mobile said that customers who qualify for the $100 credit will be given more details within the next 14 days.

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