T-Mobile USA's revenues make up 23% of DT's

T-Mobile USA continues to buoy its European parent's financial situation, revenues from T-Mobile USA make up about 23 percent of DT's total revenue. Here's how the U.S. carrier's Q2 breaks down:

Subscribers: T-Mobile USA now has nearly 27 million subscribers, after adding 857,000 net new subs during the second quarter. Of those, 687,000 or 80 percent were contract customers.

ARPU: T-Mobile USA's blended ARPU was $53 during the quarter, up from $52 in the first quarter of the year. Data services revenues totaled $616 million in Q2, representing 14.7 percent of blended ARPU, or $7.80 per customer. During Q1 those revenues made up 14.3 percent of blended ARPU, or $7.50. Net income for Q2 was $350 million, up 11 percent from $315 million in Q1.

Messaging: Uptake in SMS and MMS drove ARPU's growth as the total number of SMS and MMS messages increased to 18 billion in Q2, compared to almost 16 billion in the Q1 and 8 billion in the Q2 of 2006.

Churn: Contract customer churn was 1.8 percent during the quarter, down from 1.9 percent in Q1 and 2.2 percent in Q2 of 2006. Blended churn of both prepaid and contract subscribers was 2.7 percent for the quarter, slightly up from 2.6 percent Q1 of 2007.

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