T-Mobile USA tops in-store satisfaction study

T-Mobile USA keeps taking home the gold when it comes to J.D. Power and Associates studies, last month it was in consumer satisfaction for wireless service and now the carrier beat out the others for best in-store experience. The study compared survey results for in-store sales staff, store displays, store facility and the price and promotion of products and services.

The study also found that the average wait time for customers in carrier-branded stores before they are greeted by staff is about five minutes, while the researchers found that more than 30 seconds of wait time leads to a decline in satisfaction. The study also found that the order of importance of each of the factors toward a positive in-store experience are as follows: sales staff (51 percent), store display (17 percent), store facility (16 percent) and price/promotion (16 percent). Only 39 percent of customers entering a store are greeted within 30 seconds, the report found.

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