Technology contender emerges for mobile TV in Europe

UMTS TD-CDMA equipment vendor IPWireless threw a new wrench into the European mobile TV market, launching a mobile TV solution that allows 3G operators to use existing spectrum and infrastructure to offer mobile TV and multimedia services rather than creating deals with separate players or acquiring new spectrum.

IP Wireless says its TDtv enables the delivery of up to 50 channels of TV for standard mobile phones, or 15 higher quality QVGA channels via existing unpaired 3G spectrum available across Europe and Asia at 1900 MHz and 2010 MHz. Six operators are lined up to try the offering and will be making announcements within a few weeks. Deployment of TDtv would require a low capital expenditure by the operator as a single base station controller is required for 100 Node B's, while utilizing the operator's network eliminates the need to split revenues with broadcasters.

For more about IP Wireless' plans with mobile TV:
- read this press release from IP Wireless