Test your wireless IQ

Are you a wireless whiz?  Think you know everything there is to know about the wireless industry--past and present?  Test your wireless IQ by taking the first-ever FierceWireless Ultimate Industry Quiz, compiled by the Fierce editorial team.  

We hope you have as much fun taking this quiz as we did coming up with the questions.  We taxed our brains, drew upon our industry knowledge and devised what we think are some pretty challenging multiple choice questions.  Check your answers at the end of the quiz to determine whether you are a wireless industry genius, an expert in progress, or a novice.

The first reader to take the quiz and answer all the questions correctly will get recognized in a future issue of FierceWireless! Click here to take the quiz. --Sue


Live webinar on 27th Jan 2021: Voice over 5G – evolution, deployment, technology and testing aspects

Voice services have been reality since decades and the industry wants to continue their success story in wireless networks also with 5G. Find out the technology aspects behind incorporating voice services in 5G networks and outlines possible deployment scenarios. To achieve best user experience, we will also demonstrate how to test voice capabilities of 5G smartphones in different deployment scenarios by using the unique R&S®CMX500 radio communication tester and the R&S®CMsquares 5G test software solution from Rohde & Schwarz.