Is there an iPhone 3G shortage?; BlackBerry customers can do mobile banking

> Is AT&T experiencing an iPhone 3G shortage? Article

> Verizon Wireless has a new banking application geared to BlackBerry customers that lets them pay bills, transfer funds and check their accounts. Release

> The Progress and Freedom Foundation released a primer on the U.S. Mobile TV market, which the foundation says will grow dramatically in the next five years because of U.S. policy and other factors. Release

> Alltel Wireless launched MyShow, a user-generated slideshow application that lets customers create slideshows in a few clicks. Release

> Cricket added the Motorola RAZR V3, which has tri-band functionality for the new AWS spectrum markets, to its portfolio.  Release

> Moscow to have mobile WiMAX this year. Article

And finally... Bic, the maker of the disposable pen, has introduced a disposable mobile phone. Article