'The Thirty Nine Steps' tops April's new apps

FierceMobileContent Editor Jason Ankeny every month looks at the market's most innovative and noteworthy iOS and Android apps. And every month he ranks the industry's top apps, highlighting the immersive mobile experiences that are entering app stores each day. The top app for April is The Thirty Nine Steps, an iPad app that is a reimagining of Scottish author John Buchan's 1915 novel of the same name. Set in London in 1914, The Thirty-Nine Steps tells the story of hero Richard Hannay's desperate search to find the man who murdered a freelance spy with knowledge of a German plot to murder the Greek Premier. The Story Mechanics, which developed the app, follow Buchan's basic narrative template, but this version of The Thirty-Nine Steps is theirs and theirs alone, seamlessly blending photo-realistic digital images, stop-motion animation and interactive segments to transport the user back to World War I-era London. Special Report