TiVo exec explains how OnePass could unify consumers' TV show searches

Jim Denney, Vice President, Product Marketing, TiVoTiVo's OnePass service "further combines OTT recorded content and other content into one module for a consumer," Jim Denney, VP of TiVo's product marketing, told FierceCable Editor Daniel Frankel at the recent CES show. "So if seasons 1 through 4 of a given show are available on Netflix, but season 5 is airing today, or season 5 is on VOD and season 6 airing today, OnePass will present all that as one to the consumer."

OnePass was just one topic Denney covered in his comments. He also discussed TiVo's view of 4K technology, the company's efforts to target the multiscreen trend, and its work around metadata. For more on Denney's comments, check out this FierceCable Hot Seat.