Top Five Wireless Executives to Watch in 2009

Today's current economic climate is extremely challenging for any wireless executive, particularly those that are tasked with building out a new nationwide network, turning around a struggling company or heading up a government agency that has numerous controversial initiatives hanging in limbo.  

We considered all these factors and more when we made our selection of the top five wireless executives to watch in 2009. Clearly there are many wireless executives doing great things in tough times. But we think these five people will have to make some particularly tough decisions in the coming year that will have a long-lasting impact on the companies and agencies that they run as well as the entire wireless industry.

As always, your feedback is encouraged and appreciated. Please keep in mind that FierceWireless primarily covers the U.S. wireless industry so our selections are U.S.-based wireless executives. Click here to see the top five executives to watch. -Sue