Top nine predictions for 2009

As is tradition here at FierceWireless it's time to present our wireless predictions for 2009. Before we begin, however, I'd like to caution you that these predictions are what we think will happen in the coming year. We are not privy to any actual deals or inside information.  We base our predictions on careful analysis of the news cycle and our collective years of wireless industry knowledge.

With the current economic climate, it is no surprise we predict some dire consequences for troubled firms such as Motorola and Palm. We also think that competition will become even more fierce and that will force changes in price plans. 

Fierce actually has a decent track record with our previous predictions. Some of our winning predictions in 2008 were that Helio would go bust (OK it didn't go bust but it was acquired by Virgin Mobile USA) and that Sprint and Clearwire would merge their WiMAX networks (that prediction came true in May 2008 when Sprint and Clearwire merged their WiMAX networks forming the "new" Clearwire). 

Please share with us your own 2009 wireless industry predictions, just add them to the comments below. Check out all of our predictions here. --Sue