Top wireless stories of the week

Check out this week's most-viewed stories across Fierce's wireless publications:

1. Verizon's cable partners could launch hybrid Wi-Fi/cellular service
2. AT&T: 700 MHz interoperability proposal unnecessary, unprecedented
3. Verizon: Keep commercial traffic off of the public-safety LTE network

1. How social search is finding its way to mobile apps
2. RotoWire kicks off Fantasy Football Draft Kit 2012 app for iOS, Android
3. Building your mobile app: Five tips to get it right

1. Nokia rockets past HTC, Samsung to dominate 59% of Windows Phone market
2. Jolla's MeeGo smartphones will run Android apps
3. Nokia, Qualcomm, Samsung spearhead indoor navigation alliance

1. The worst wireless blunders of all time
2. Is unlimited data making a comeback?
3. Grading the top 10 U.S. carriers in the second quarter of 2012

1. Analyzing the world's 11 biggest handset makers in Q2 2012
2. Nokia heads for 'make or break' moment with new Lumia phones
3. Report: Mobile payments to reach $1.3T annually by 2017