Top wireless stories of the week

Check out this week's most-viewed stories across Fierce's wireless publications:

1. Sprint: Ethernet backhaul gives us 20 times more bandwidth
2. T-Mobile cajoling 2G users off 1900 MHz
3. Apple's Wi-Fi Plus Cellular feature includes FaceTime option

1. Operator-initiated app programs have met little success (so far)
2. Pandora, Zynga build network-efficient apps through AT&T's ARO, and 9 tips for developers
3. Preventing Android applications piracy possible, requires diligence, planning

1. HTC vows Android Ice Cream Sandwich updates are still on track
2. Best Back to School Apps for iOS, Android
3. U.S. data revenues surge past $19.3B in Q2

1. The top 5 iPhone 5 rumors: From plausible to outlandish
2. Report: T-Mobile USA targeted in private equity buyout
3. AT&T's Stephens: We'll cash in on LTE investment

1. T-Mobile UK drops tethering from 'Full Monty' plan
2. Report: Vodafone and Telefónica face scrutiny over network-sharing deal
3. Report: LTE operators look to new pricing strategies to boost mobile data revenues