Top wireless stories of the week

Check out this week's most-viewed stories across Fierce's wireless publications:

1. Sprint's case against Verizon deal shot down by cable companies
2. Alcatel-Lucent: Carriers aligning on VoLTE, RCS
3. Videoconferencing pitched as OTT killer

1. Why crowdsourcing firms see gold in mobile app ideas
2. Hacking NFC phones, sneaking malware into Google Play and more: This is the beginning
3. Women a rarity among male-dominated mobile app development

1. Nuance introduces virtual assistant for mobile customer service apps
2. Apple pulls YouTube app in iOS 6
3. BET Mobile chief: Android accounts for 60-70% of userbase

1. Leap: We won't make $75M payment to Sprint for 2012 network access
2. The top 5 iPhone 5 rumors: From plausible to outlandish
3. Wireless executives: If I were starting over in the industry

1. Analyst: Small cells benefit 3G networks more than LTE
2. Analysys Mason: European SMS revenue and usage growth is slowing down
3. Deutsche Telekom targets 'Internet of Things' with new M2M platform