Top wireless stories of the week

Check out this week's most-viewed stories across Fierce's wireless publications:

1. AT&T's Kris Rinne on the specifics of moving to VoLTE
2. Fresh study says Verizon beats AT&T in overall data speed
3. NewNet banking on WiMAX resurgence

1. Mobile game developers struggle to replicate Zynga's success
2. iOS and Android users have different taste in apps
3. Android 4.0 development standards help designers embrace the platform

1. Report: Apple ditching Google Maps for iOS 6
2. Zynga acquires mobile gaming startup Wild Needle
3. T-Mobile USA's Brad Duea on Bobsled's accelerating momentum

1. Verizon will kill 'grandfathered' unlimited data plans, push users to data share
2. Clearwire: Our LTE Advanced network will be able to hit 168 Mbps
3. Carriers set to turn on emergency alert system

1. Analyst: Mobile data growth could double infrastructure costs within 5 years
2. Report: Vodafone mulls European shakeup
3. SFR plans to fight subscriber declines with low-cost offers