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1. Small cells driving surge in microwave and millimeter-wave backhaul
2. Public safety told to stop early LTE deployments
3. Ruckus CEO: Wi-Fi offloading demands creativity

1. Making money in mobile apps isn't easy: Majority of app developers are moonlighters
2. OpenStreetMap may offer a cheaper alternative to Google Maps
3. Ericsson Labs fosters app development for a 'connected world'

1. How Sprint's Galaxy Nexus launch will determine Google Wallet's fate
2. Pew study says mobile payments could kill cash and credit by 2020
3. Facebook snaps up Tagtile customer loyalty app

1. Study: AT&T, T-Mobile top network speed tests
2. Can Sprint catch up on LTE?
3. Verizon: We'll sell 700 MHz spectrum to get cable companies' AWS spectrum

1. Nokia must take radical steps to stop its continued decline
2. Report: French iPhone sales fall 10% due to strong SIM-only uptake
3. Report: Deutsche Telekom mulls sale of UK, Dutch subsidiaries

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U.S. Cellular has awarded Samsung Electronics a commercial agreement to supply LTE and 5G network solutions.

U.S. Cellular might be able to win over some Sprint customers as the transition to the New T-Mobile occurs.

Japan’s Rakuten Mobile is teaming up with mobile operator TPG to test 5G open RAN solutions in Singapore.