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1. Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent make LTE progress in UAE
2. Dish's LTE network to sit on the launch pad till year-end
3. LTE-equipped iPad: A blessing and a curse

1. App discoverability: 6 ways to find the best new apps
2. Mobile money: The next frontier of app development
3. Matchbook lights a fire under the local deals business

1. Verizon targets 14 devices for Android Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade
2. Apple's iOS 5.1 boosts OTA app download limits, adds free trial subscriptions
3. Google scraps Android Market, reveals Google Play

1. Verizon: We'll hit LTE capacity limit in some markets by 2013 without new spectrum
2. Report: Ericsson to cut 10% of N. American workforce
3. Sprint snubbed in Apple's debut of LTE iPad

1. Nokia Siemens to cut thousands more jobs following contract loss
2. Auto industry a focus for M2M
3. Vodafone Germany scoops BMW M2M deal

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DT will now hold approximately 43% of the New T-Mobile shares as opposed to the 42% it previously would have held.

Intelsat and SES part ways as Intelsat tells FCC that the C-Band Alliance will not be relevant anymore.

Dish Chairman Ergen said the towers that T-Mobile will decommission as part of the deal “are a big part of things that we're going to need."