Top wireless stories of the week

Check out this week's most-viewed stories across Fierce's wireless publications:

1. Clearwire's stock gets boost on Sprint investment speculation
2. Clearwire's stock sees boost after Stanton buys 2M shares
3. Outdoor picocell market expected to reach $8B in revenues by 2016

1. What developers need to know about the Google/Motorola deal
2. Google: We must entice developers to build less bandwidth-intensive apps
3. GetJar: Developer interest in Android, Windows Phone catching up to iOS

1. Starbucks serves up premium iPhone apps for free
2. Google to acquire Motorola Mobility, vows Android will remain open
3. SMS: The dying cash cow for wireless carriers?

1. Google shields Android from patent lawyers with $12.5B Motorola Mobility deal
2. Are smartphones worth the cost to carriers?
3. What does Google's Motorola acquisition mean for Nokia, RIM?

1. Rumour Mill: Nokia Siemens needs €1B injection for restructuring
2. Nokia shares leap on Google's acquisition of Motorola
3. Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica O2, Vodafone create German m-payment JV