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1. WiMAX Forum's Resnick: 'Stay tuned' to dual-mode WiMAX/LTE future
2. FCC wants proof that AT&T faces spectrum crunch without T-Mobile USA deal
3. Qualcomm Atheros,Wilocity announce multi-gigabit wireless chipset

1. Paid Android apps get the cold shoulder from consumers
2. Qualcomm, CAA partnership makes push for mobile developers
3. Google expels game emulator apps from Android Market

1. Will day-and-date digital publishing save DC Comics?
2. Google, Apple renew iPhone maps and search pact
3. Apple confirms iOS 5, iCloud to launch at WWDC 2011

1. In FCC filing, Sprint blasts AT&T for inept network management
2. AT&T to spend $8B on LTE expansion after T-Mobile deal
3. IDC: AT&T rethinking possible life after iPhone exclusivity

1. Vodafone Germany hosts car-to-car telematics trial using LTE
2. Report: Enterprise use of tablets, laptops to triple mobile broadband connections
3. Orange cries foul after coming last in Ofcom's broadband speed tests

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