Top wireless stories of the week

Check out this week's most-viewed stories across Fierce's wireless publications:

1. DragonWave cuts Clearwire strings with FiberTower microwave deal
2. Altair, Alca-Lu announce commercial solution for interferrence-ridden 700 MHz spectrum band
3. Report: Cablevision, Time Warner in talks with LightSquared

1. RIM embraces Android apps for PlayBook, but at what cost?
2. Microsoft allies with Telefonica to extend BlueVia support to .NET
3. Apple's iOS 5 delayed to fall 2011?

1. RIM shoots down BlackBerry Messenger on iOS rumors
2. AT&T, Sprint follow Verizon's lead, suspend Jawa SMS codes
3. Amazon one-ups Apple's iTunes with cloud music service

1. Clearwire: Spectrum still on the table, but it might not get sold
2. AT&T/T-Mobile: What does it mean for the smartphone OS landscape?
3. Carriers: LightSquared up; Sprint, Clearwire down - CTIA Wireless 2011 Scorecard

1. AT&T/T-Mobile merger could hurt Nokia Siemens
2. Ovum: Android's surge will fuel smartphone market doubling by 2016
3. Deutsche Telekom's American adventure draws to an unhappy close

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U.S. Cellular has awarded Samsung Electronics a commercial agreement to supply LTE and 5G network solutions.

U.S. Cellular might be able to win over some Sprint customers as the transition to the New T-Mobile occurs.

Japan’s Rakuten Mobile is teaming up with mobile operator TPG to test 5G open RAN solutions in Singapore.